1309 21st St
Tue-Thu 11am-11pm
Fri 11am-2:30am
Sat 12pm-2:30am
(916) 441-1949

Pieces is a one of Sacramento's independently owned restaurants with a unique atmosphere and possibly the best pizza in town. Huge slices with any toppings you can imagine for pretty cheap prices. It's also an incredibly chill space to hang out in.


2007-05-05 13:49:34   The most important thing to remember is: they are open past last call. It is also within walking distance of the Rubicon. —Erik

2007-05-26 22:32:00   I know this is supposed to be a local place, but it is awful. It looks dirty. I've eaten here twice and got sick afterwards. On my last trip there I asked them if they had pepperoni and the guy told me "no." He then proceeded to pull a piece out from underneath the counter and told me that he had some "discount pepperoni", and that he would "give it to me for half price." I passed it up without asking why it was discounted, or why it was hidden out of view. Also they just make pizza and reheat it for you. I really wish this place was good. —dancohen

2007-07-20 22:44:56   This really should be called "It is 2:30 AM and I am drunk & hungry and anything sounds good right now Pizza by the Slice." Unless you are wasted, it is probably best to avoid. —SS

2007-11-07 09:05:16   This is the best pizza in town. Hands down. We did an independent blind taste test in my office with pizza from 5 independent place. Pieces Pesto was the clear favorite. Don't judge a book by its cover :-P —ElanorMangin

2011-06-08 18:33:22   I wonder if this place has changed a bit. I've read some negative comments at least a few years old. I first ate there in late 2008 and continue to go here every now and then (currently Summer 2011). It's a pretty good place. I've not found it unsanity - it's certainly hippie-chill, but sanity enough. Maybe they cleaned up? Pizza's real good; crust is almost better than the rest. —ChrisThielen