Ray Tretheway Ray Tretheway formerly represented City Council District 1, from 2001 through 2010.

In 1978, the Tretheway family moved to Sacramento from Washington, D.C. back to Ray’s hometown. He is the father of two children, and has been married to his wife Judy for over 35 years. They are proud to announce the arrival of two grandchildren in 2008.

Ray has worked at the Sacramento Tree Foundation since its founding in 1982, serving as the Executive Director since 1990. Ray holds a Bachelor of Art degree in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from University of California at Santa Cruz and an executive leadership certification from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Ray is a Veteran, having served in the United States Army in Germany and Vietnam.

During the past 30 years in Sacramento, Ray has served on Board of Directors of North Sacramento Hospital, Natomas Charter School, Natomas Basin Conservancy and the Natomas Community Association. He has also worked on various education, parks and public safety activities. Ray was a City Councilmember for ten years. His tenure began in 2001 when he was elected to a two year term. He has subsequently been elected to four year terms in 2002 and 2006.

Ray has a strong commitment to public service and to building neighborhoods and communities that are great places to live and work. He has made critical investments in public safety, flood protection, youth services, parks, waterfront, historic preservation and healthy environments. He is an advocate for smart and sound planning for residential and commercial growth. He is a proponent of the region’s Blueprint vision for growth and transportation planning and the Greenprint vision to build the best urban forest in the Sacramento region.

Above taken from the bio on his former official City website (as of 6/24/2010)