6930 65th St Ste 123, off the Florin Road Exit
8:00am - 10:00pm, 7 days a week
(916) 392-3888

Although the full name of this grocery store is rarely used, it is Shun Fat Supermarket, Inc. About as large as a Safeway, they have an enormous selection of fresh seafood (including the popular geoduck), meats, asian groceries, frozen treats, and produce. They also sell take-out food near the entrance, including roast pork, roast duck, and dim sum (3-5 pieces for $1).

SF Supermarket, comparable to Ranch 99 or Lion, is located in an upscale (relatively speaking) shopping center on the corner of 65th and Stockton, across the street from Florin Mall. You'll find a TK Noodle, Lollicup, and other Chinese shopping center staples there as well.

If you are used to shopping at corporate markets, make sure you know how to buy fish before venturing there. They should have firm, clear eyes and not smell overly fishy. Similarly for beef, chicken, and pork— if it doesn't smell right, don't buy it. If you're buying crab, make sure the claws and legs are all attached.

Before 7:00 PM (check please), they will gut, clean, and deep fry any fish you purchase at no extra cost. Some info originally from Davis.

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2005-05-17 22:12:35   A great place to shop. I often regret not having the time to get down there. Highly recomended. —MichaelGiardina

2005-09-07 21:45:31   I, too, highly recommend this place. —JoannaHeiple

2006-05-02 11:00:29   Unimpressed. Sure, they have a lot of stuff, but they still lack variety, particularly the frozen goods. I guess it's a good start for the inexperienced and ethnic-grocery-virgins. Service at the food counter is crap. —JennaChan

2006-06-30 22:08:14   I like this place. It probably isn't worth the extra time, but it has some nice products that are hard to find elsewhere. The meat and fruit offerings are nice. The checkout lines are the best I've been through, and by "best," I mean "least horrific": you at least won't be stuck there for a lifetime—as you can in, say, the Covell Safeway. —MisterProfessor

2007-08-29 17:35:05   As far as I know, this is the only large asian supermarket in the area. The place is not as nice as some of the better Ranch 99s, but in my opinion the selection and cleanliness is that of your typical of large asian market. Not horrendous, but not quite as clean as your typical Safeway. I go here to buy asian items that I can't find at my Safeway or Raleys —TheodoreSuryapurnama

2007-09-07 03:40:15   is it a general asian market or catered to certain ethnic taste? I like to shop at 99 ranch but I like to get meat from korean markets. —KaiWan

2007-11-06 14:20:16   Kaiwan: This is a general asian market, but definitely catering to a Vietnamese community. They've got all kinds of stuff, though. —CurtisLim

2008-03-03 19:26:16   They need a better variety of everything: fruit, frozen food, canned goods, condiments, etc. Their service is bad at the checkstand, kiosks, and food counter. They are severely overpriced; Seafood City, just one exit further down 99, has much of the same selection plus more and is cheaper by a few dollars. —Feliz

2008-09-29 21:16:06   i did not like this market when i went there.... THERE IS NOTHING ON SALE @ this market, NOTHING.... no on sale signs at all. The produce was ok... i wanted to buy a nagaimo (yamaimo, tororo). Every other single market Ive been to sells like half a root for $5. SF Market sells the whole rot which is like 1.5 feet long, and they would not cut it in half for me. Ridiculous. I am 1 person who will eat this, not a 8 person family. I will not go here again. only good thing is that the tk noodle is close by. —carpenoctum