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The Department of Human Assistance administers various programs designed to provide cash assistance, food stamps, health insurance and job placement/retention services for eligible low-income Sacramento County residents.

Child Care

CalWORKs provides cash aid and services to eligible needy families. One of the services provided to help families achieve self–sufficiency is temporary child care subsidies. Child care can be difficult to find and expensive, creating an obstacle to stable employment and financial self–sufficiency. With this in mind, the CalWORKs program created a three stage child care system to aid families in getting connected to local child care resources, stabilizing their child care arrangements and continuing with their services until they no longer need aid. When someone enters the CalWORKs program their child care is considered Stage One. The Stage One child care subsidy remains active until the participant's work activity becomes stable and then they are transferred to Stage Two. The participant can remain in Stage Two for 24 months past the time their cash aid is discontinued or until their income reaches 75% of the state's median income. Stage Three is for former CalWORKs clients, diversion clients, and the general population when spaces are funded and available.


The Department of Human Assistance has broadened their mission to also include Employment Services by fostering goals of economic stability and self-sufficiency among those we serve. Since the implementation of welfare reform in 1998, many innovative employment-related programs and job retention services are available to individuals seeking employment for the first time or returning to the work force. Today we are as dedicated to curtailing the cycle of poverty through education and job training as we are to meeting the basic needs of our residents.


The Department of Human Assistance administers various federal, state, and local government programs designed to provide cash assistance, food stamps, and health insurance for eligible low-income Sacramento County residents.


The Department of Human Assistance Homeless programs plan, monitor and coordinate housing and employment services for homeless individuals and families in Sacramento County.


Access to quality health care for every eligible child and adult is a fundamental goal of the Department of Human Assistance.


Senior Volunteer Programs recruit, train, and place senior volunteers in placements that utilize their skills and abilities to serve others in the community. Our goal is to provide quality services and volunteer opportunities that support the independence of seniors through a variety of programs designed to meet the multiple and varying needs of this population.

Foster Grandparents Program: (916) 875-3569; Stipended volunteer service opportunities for low-income people age 60+ to provide person-to-person services to children with special needs in health, education, welfare, probation, and related services. Volunteers serve 20 hours per week and receive a stipend and transportation reimbursement, which is exempt from being considered as income in all other services you may receive.


Established in 1946 by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Veterans Services is responsible for providing benefit entitlement determinations, claim development, claim filing, advocacy, and case management services to the veterans population of Sacramento County.

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