South Crisis Nursery: 6699 South Land Park Drive :D
North Crisis Nursery: 4533 Pasadena Avenue
Crisis Line: 1(877) 543-7752 - 24 Hour Hotline
Executive Director
Roy Alexander

The Sacramento Crisis Nurseries provide overnight spaces for children up to age 6. Pre-school and additional referral services for residents and their families. The Sacramento Children's Home helps children at risk find a healthy home—within their family, their school, and their community. Their various programs promote child safety, positive parenting and mental health while seeking to improve the healthy functioning of families.

The Sacramento Children's Home offers Family Resource Centers with Birth & Beyond Home Visitation, Effective Parenting Workshops, and Crisis Intervention. The Crisis Nurseries provide Emergency Child Care and Overnight Care, an Early Learning Program, and Case Management. More information on their programs can be found here.

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