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Mission Statement: (According to their website)

Sacramento Independent Animal Rescuers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its purpose is to aid stray, abandoned, and neglected animals. It has been organized to help Sacramento area independent animal rescuers find their foster pets the loving homes they deserve. To date, over 1,100 dogs and cats have been rescued and placed into wonderful homes in the past few years. In order to provide these services, they work with the community shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals who have animals with special needs and place these animals in permanent homes after they reach a stage of wellness. Many of its rescued animals, especially those that were rescued from the shelters initially had kennel cough, pneumonia, or giardia with the extreme cases having the parvo or distemper viruses."

They rely on donations in order to function. They are not a shelter, and therefore do not have an office of operation. They also spay, neuter, and vaccinate their animals to prevent the spread of homeless and diseased offspring. By following their website, you can be linked to foster homes and shelters that the animals reside at.


Coco, rescued in 2007. Courtesy of Their adoption fees range from $75-$100 for cats, and $150-$250 for dogs. The price also will depend on what kind of medical treatment the animal has gone through to be healthy. These prices fuel the fostering of future animals, and are reasonable, especially if the animal happens to be pure bred.

The Adoption Info Page on their website provides questionnaires for potential pet owners to fill out to ensure that the animals will be in a safe environment and not have the risk of being abandoned or put up for adoption again.

Volunteer Work

The SIAR is always looking for volunteers to foster animals, walk dogs, and to transport animals to and from veterinary appointments. They also take volunteers for fund raising events. To look into volunteering at the SIAR, e-mail them at [email protected].


The SIAR runs purely on donations and adoption fees to care for and treat their sick animals. Go to their Ways to Help Page to find out how to give money, as well as supplies such as litter, food, toys, blankets, and other pet essentials.


2011-10-28 11:12:41   This report was written for Cynthia Linville’s English 1A class at CSU Sacramento Fall 2011