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Stanford Youth Solutions, formerly Stanford Home for Children, is a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers youth and families to overcome serious challenges together. Originally founded in 1900 when Jane Lathrop and Leland Stanford donated the Stanford Mansion in Sacramento, CA to the Catholic Diocese, the organization served as an orphanage from 1900 - 1987, when the state of California took back the Mansion through eminent domain. Later group homes and mental health services were provided to care for at-risk youth in Sacramento. In 2006, the organization made the groundbreaking decision to deliver all of its services to youth and families in the community when it closed all of its residential services.

The mission of Stanford Youth Solutions is to “provide intensive, individualized programs that empower young people and families to solve serious challenges that threaten their ability to stay together.” With a focus on sustainable results, giving care to each child and family individually, and not instilling one specific program as a standard for everyone to go through contributes to their success.  On March 26, 2012, Stanford Home changed its name to Stanford Youth Solutions. The new name more clearly reflects their mission and commitment to young people.

Types of Services

Innovative, family-centered, research-driven services are provided to approximately 2,400 youth and family members annually:

  • Foster Care is provided when children and youth are unable to be with biological family. Using concurrent planning, Stanford Youth Solutions' foster care program pursues all options to create permanent relationships for the youth in its care - meaning children will re-unify with biological family whenever possible, or may establish permanency with their foster families through guardianship or adoption.
  • Therapeutic Behavior Services (TBS) are offered to youth who are in danger of being placed into a higher, more restrictive placement of care. To be able to receive these services the youth must enrolled in another primary mental health service
  • Juvenile Justice and Crime Prevention Program (JJCP) Therapists use Functional Family Therapy (FFT), an evidence-based practice, to provide rehabilitation to young offenders, and focus on reducing negative behavior while increasing positive factors to avoid future offenses.
  • Wraparound is a program that helps youth transition from group care into a permanent family, or independent living. Each young person receives individualized case management utilizing a comprehensive team approach, to complex family needs.
  • Flexible Integraded Treatment (FIT) FIT is for youth who are using or at risk of requiring mental health services. Through evidence-based therapies and case management youth learn new skills to reduce risky behaviors while building on their strengths to improve overall mental and behavioral health and general well-being.

How to Obtain Services

To obtain services with Stanford Youth Solutions, contact Sacramento County Child Access Team at (916) 875-9980​. Organizations like Sacramento County Child Protection Services (CPS), Department of Probation, and Behavioral Health Services also provide referrals to Stanford Youth Solutions. To be walked through the process of obtaining a referral simply call Stanford Youth Solutions, and they will be happy to help.

Ways to Donate

There are numerous ways to donate to Stanford Youth Solutions to support at risk young people ranging from gifts of stocks, bonds, and trusts, to life insurance, gift cards, and giving securely online. There are giving methods to fit all financial situations and all donations are to be used for the greatest need. By contributing to Stanford Youth Solutions, you are investing in an organization committed to creating sustainable results for young people. To donate visit their website.  www.youthsolutions.org