Antelope #6669 Florin Rd #651
Address 5859 Antelope Rd (next to Daily Grind Coffee Co‎ and Bus Stop #4743) 4641 Florin Rd (next to Daily Grind Coffee Co‎ and across Florin Rd from Southgate Plaza)
Phone (916)726-0620 (916)393-9500
Master Tradesman Electrical:James Plumbing:Jahaziel,Electrical:Mutasem
  Meadowview #1003 Power Inn #6620
Address 1461 Meadowview Road 8000 Folsom Blvd (Folsom Blvd and Power Inn Rd intersection is Photo Enforced)
Phone (916)399-9905 (916)381-3181
Master Tradesman Plumbing:David,Electrical:James Plumbing:Eric
  Arden Arcade #6966 Truxel Rd #6649
Address 2000 Howe Ave (right next to Public Storage) 3611 Truxel Rd (next to Daily Grind Coffee Co‎ in Natomas Marketplace)
Phone (916)643-2098 (916)928-0722
Master Tradesman Plumbing:Ronald,Electrical:James Plumbing:David,Electrical:David

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