Park Location
South Natomas
• 2.85 mile paved bicycle/jogging trail
Equestrian trails

The Walt Ueda (pronounced way-da) Parkway is an integral piece of a regional trail system that offers both recreation and commuter opportunities. This Parkway consists of approximately 12.5 miles of paved recreation trails that are mostly on the crown of levees and offers access to the natural habitat of Steelhead, Arcade, Dry and Robla Creeks. The project also has approximately 3.5 miles of equestrian trail in the Hansen Ranch area which is a natural setting that includes Dry Creek, Robla Creek, wetlands and oak woodlands. The Ueda Parkway's purpose is to integrate a recreation trail within creek corridors in the northern area of Sacramento, thereby providing key connections to the American River Parkway., including the Two Rivers Trail, and the Dry Creek Parkway. This project also links Downtown, Natomas, and established neighborhoods in the region north of the American River. This trail also provides a significant leg to a 60 mile regional trail loop that extends to Placer County, through Folsom, and to the American River Parkway.. Phase I of the Ueda Parkway. consists of approximately four miles of levee-top, paved trail from Main Avenue to the West El Camino Bridge.

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