812 21st St
Daily 6am-11pm
(916) 443-7685
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Old Soul at the Weatherstone, formerly part of the Java City chain and currently run by the folks from Old Soul, is a cafe with excellent coffees and teas and a huge porch. This place is an awesome kick back spot with a lot of regulars, it is definitely one of Sacramento's best kept secrets. They offer free wifi.


2007-11-04 11:10:42   An absolutely wonderful atmosphere, especially the patio. The quality of food and drinks has plummeted so low (while prices have climbed), however, that I seldom patronize W-stone. I used to spend a lot of time there, but after paying high prices for sub-standard drinks and stale food, I miss the TRULY independent coffee house that W-stone was for many years. —Cali4niaRags

2008-10-22 22:55:46   I love the atmosphere here - it's a great place to study. The soy chai is alright, and the food looks good but I haven't tried any yet. The wireless was super slow but that was probably because there were many other people using it (or maybe downloading stuff)... —Ami