Welcome to the Wiki! We're a community working together to create and compile anything and everything about Sacramento - especially the little, enjoyable things.

This entire site is maintained by the people who use it: anyone can edit this website. That means that as soon as you create your (free) account, you can edit any page on this entire site.

If you just want to look around, I'd recommend checking out these pages:

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Advice for contributors to the wiki

Here's some advice on how to contribute to the wiki - there are lots of ways to help.

  1. Use your Real Name (read why it's important) when you create your account.

  2. For the mechanics of editing the wiki, see Help edit the wiki (it's easy)

  3. Create a profile page by clicking on your username in the upper right corner of the page (once you're logged in). That lets people know who you are.

    • This also lets people leave notes for you (by commenting on your profile page). So keep an eye on your profile page.

  4. Please use the Search box in the upper right corner to see if your page already exists before creating a new one.

  5. When you leave a review or comment keep in mind that it will reflect on you as much as on the business or other page you are reviewing.

  6. Don't feel like you have to create a whole new entry with your first edit. Many editors contribute by doing the tiny fixes and grooming of existing entries. You too can be a Wiki Gnome.

    • See Recent Changes to see what sorts of edits other users have made - it's a good way to learn how best to make small edits and improvements to pages.

Introductions/Advice for specific types of contributors

Here are some introductions specific to what you might be looking to do. First read the "Advice for contributors" section, above. Then read any of these welcome messages that apply to you:

Some content originally from Davis.