Here are some ideas of pages you can add to help build up the San Jose localwiki. Feel free to add ideas to this list, or remove pages that are complete. No page is too small!

Add or update city parks or libraries.

City post offices.

Resources for visitors

Resources for new residents  - One-stop shop for newcomers

  • Contacts for utilities, trash collection, recycling set-out, etc.
  • Voter Registration
  • DMV offices, website
  • Library card application
  • Clipper Card - Walgreens (are there other sources?)
  • Locate supermarkets, drugstores, hardware stores, thrift shops, opportunities to donate used goods.
  • Clean San Jose app, reporting problems via city website etc.
  • Schedule of local Farmers Markets, CSAs, and urban farms, and pages about each.
  • Activities for kids and families
  • Activities for older students / adults 
  • Schools

Local government

  • City council
  • City boards and commissions
  • Permits and planning
  • Other public agencies
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Local issues and political concerns

Transportation and infrastructure

  • Public transportation
  • Bicycle facilities (there's already a page about Bicycling.)
  • Parking information

Local organizations, including volunteer opportunities

  • RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers)
  • Code for San Jose
  • Civic innovation initiatives
  • Community centers, meeting places, public gatherings