Events of 1992

Santa Cruz Events during the year of 1992
Month, Day Santa Cruz Wiki Entry and Description
August 14 Virgo Rising opened.
September 18 Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary established.
November Floral County Park established.
December Gabriella Café established.
Avatar Imports established.
Brown Ranch Marketplace established.
Cesar Chavez Co-op established.
Great American Bank Closes in Santa Cruz.
Community Traffic Safety Coalition established.
Garfield Park Branch Library listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Java Junction established.
Jeffrey's Restaurant established.
Love Creek Catering established.
Mental Health Client Action Network established.
Organic Farming Research Foundation established.
Pearl Restaurant established.
Coast Federal Bank acquires American Savings branches.
Salle Santa Cruz established.
Summit Store opens at 24197 Summit Road.
Surfing Sculpture erected.
The Farm closed.
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