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The end of 38th Avenue is directly opposite an entrance to the Capitola Mall. 38th Avenue starts at East Cliff Drive and goes north to Capitola Road where it junctions to an enterence of the Capitola Mall. The rear of the King's Plaza Shopping Center is 38th Avenue.

Below Portola Avenue, 38th Avenue is a residential area. Although there is a county park on the avenue, parking is restricted.


There are no bike lanes. The road is level and traffic is light. Minimal traffic on 38th Avenue allows for an easy bike ride.

Public Transportation

Route 66 travels part of 38th Avenue. routes 12 and 68N pass by on Portola.


Floral County Park

Capitola Mall

King's Plaza Shopping Center

Major Intersections

Capitola Road an 38th Avenue has the only traffic lights for 38th Avenue. Portola Drive and 38th Avenue.

Restaurants and Shopping

Restaurants are on Portola Avenue, Capitola Road, Capitola Mall and King's Plaza Shopping Center.


King's Plaza Shopping Center, Capitola Mall, and Portola Avenue.

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