7-Eleven is a popular convenience store chain, with many locations worldwide, mostly in the United States and Japan.  7-Eleven was started by Southland Corporation in 1926.  In 2005, the Japanese franchise of 7-Eleven, Seven & I Holdings Co., bought control.  The fuel stations at selected 7-Eleven stores (Citgo) used to be owned by Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., which is controlled by the government of Venezuela.  7-Eleven decided to end their contract with Citgo in 2006, and now sells gas under their own brand name.  There are eleven locations in Santa Cruz County:

Address Phone Number Hours Other Notes
218 Cardiff Place, Santa Cruz (831) 429-1261 24 hours Stops selling alcohol at 11pm
2429 Mission Street, Santa Cruz (831) 458-2720 24 hours x
602 Laurel Street, Santa Cruz (831) 423-8497 24 hours x
367 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz (831) 426-6027 24 hours x
1875 Soquel Drive, Santa Cruz (831) 475-9599 24 hours x
3036 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz (831) 475-1711 24 hours x
274 Mount Hermon Road, Scotts Valley (831) 438-2711 24 hours x
455 Airport Boulevard, Freedom (831) 722-1881 24 hours Sells gasoline.
1461 Main Street, Watsonville (831) 763-1924 24 hours Sells gasoline.
261 East Lake Avenue, Watsonville (831) 724-1223 24 hours Sells gasoline.

1455 Freedom Boulevard, Watsonville, CA  95076-2742

(831) 724-4368 24 hours Sells 76® brand of gasoline.
Payment Type
Cash, credit cards, debit card.


Most 7-Elevens don't vary much in their selection of goods, store layout, or much else, really.  One exception is that the 7-Eleven on Cardiff Place stops selling alcohol at 11pm each night.  The reasoning behind this is that there is a resident who lives across the street who has actively complained in the past about noise from college kids on booze runs late at night.  Somehow the management struck a deal that supposedly solves the problem, which includes stopping selling alcohol after 11pm.  Store employees have indicated that once this individual isn't around anymore, they will resume selling alcohol at all hours.

There is a Citibank branded ATM at every 7-Eleven store.  Some of them accept deposits.  These ATM are actually operated by a company called Cardtronics, but Citibank pays Cardtronics to put Citibank's brand name on the ATM. This allows Citibank customers free access to these ATMs.


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