Instrument Played
Sitar, Piano, Vocals
Ascension, Trance Love Airways, Mars Cantina, Ophwurld,Peace Tribe Orchestra      



Alan Sitar Brown was born in the San Fransisco bay area in 1950 a son of a cowboy musician. His father came from a 3200 acre ranch in southern California. He moved his family to the San Fransisco Bay area and worked for a school district as a music supervisor and would always bring home instruments such as a full size harp and we had every instrument in the house. Growing up in a musical family then given a taste of the summer of love of San Fransisco in 1967. Alan picked up a sitar in '68 and was composing on piano since '67 and began developing his own style then during the 70s, Alan worked for Fantasy Records in Berkeley Ca and was found hanging out in the recording studios with Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia, Tommy James, Flora Purim, Airto Moreira, John Fogerty & Creedence, Country Joe & Barry "The Fish" Melton and many many more. Alan also recently appeared in David Arquette's movie The Tripper and now working on more films today.Working now with La Honda Films and has appeared on N B C television as a character actor .. On Sitar, Alan has performed with Ray Manzarek of The Doors a few times. Also performed with Rob Wasserman, Michael McClure, Jah Levi, Jaris Dreaming, Fantuzzi, Arjun, Larry Hall, Chief Sunny Raina, and Jaya Lakskmi of Lost At Last. He has recorded with Frank Hayhurst IN 1975, and also recorded with David Roda, and Joe Munda, recorded and performed with Ronnie Ray, Trance Love Airways, Keven Kmetz (God of Shamisen), Peace Tribe Orchestra, Aumnibus, Diana Dawn, Ken Becker, Teressa, Lunatic Fringe, Summer Of Love, Tzolkin Project,Incognito and many more. Alan can play any style on the sitar trance rock and blues. He also has been composing on the piano for over 40 years and is a vocalist, and has recorded soundtracks for film and video. . Alan is also recording a new album with his group Mars Cantina with a new upcoming album .....

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