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Andy Fuhrman

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 831.458.3346
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Born and raised in Coney Island/Brooklyn during the birth of Rock and Roll and Folk music era of the 1950-60s. Started singing acapella doo-wop with friends in the streets, hallways, under the boardwalk. Caught up in the 60s/70s counter-culture revolution including Woodstock Alumni. Moved to Santa Cruz in 1971 and influenced by the Outlaw Country sound of KFAT/KPIG. He performs a mix of Originals, Rockabilly, R&B, Folk and C&W tunes at a variety of venues and events throughout the central California area.

Singer/Songwriter - Originals, Americana, Folk, Blues, Country, Rock & Brooklyn Doo-Wop

Originals include:

  • Ballad of Lonestar Peak
  • Carly I Love You
  • Get High
  • I Ain't Woman Enough To Be Your Man
  • Living In Santa Cruz
  • Me Loving You`
  • My Heart's On Fire
  • My Island Home
  • Oh Lauren
  • Pissing My Facebook Friends Off
  • Show Me The Way
  • Santa Cruz Local
  • Tomorrow
  • Where'd The Time Go

Cover Songs by Other Artists: - Bob Dylan - Van Morrison - Leonard Cohen - Merle Haggard - George Jones - The Rolling Stones - Tom Petty - Dion - Hank Williams - Jimmy Buffet - Chuck Berry - Jackson Browne - Gram Parsons - Kris Kristofferson - Richie Havens - Elvis Presley

Check out Andy's Event Calendar at his website

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