Bear Creek.

Bear Creek starts near the Santa Cruz Mountains at about 1,900 feet and flows towards the town of Boulder Creek where it joins the San Lorenzo River. Bear Creek and Bear Creek Road follow a similar path, except the road continues over the summit into the next county.

The Bear Creek watershed is considered to be the second most productive steelhead sub-watershed within the San Lorenzo River watershed.

History In California there are over 100 streams named Bear Creek. Bears were once more common.


Bear Creek joins the San Lorenzo River near the town of Boulder Creek.


Bus Route 34 passes by Bear Creek Road on Highway 9 near Boulder Creek, and makes a loop coming back using part of Bear Creek Road.


USGS map location of Bear Creek:

sequence County Latitude Longitude Map
1 Santa Cruz 370802N 1221604W Castle Rock Ridge
2 Santa Cruz 371003N 1220134W Castle Rock Ridge

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