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Ben Lomond is a range of mountains between Big Basin State Park and the university campus within Santa Cruz County.

Ben Lomond is also the name of one of the mountains of the range. Ben Lomond Mountain is 2,625 feet (800.10 m) above sea level at the highest point.


The town of Ben Lomond is on the mountain of the same name. Boulder Creek is within three miles of the Summit of Ben Lomond Mountain.


In early days, a road on Ben Lomond Mountain was often called a grade if it was steep. Most agree that John Burns gave the name Ben Lomond to the area. He bought land on the mountain in the 1850's. John Burns was from Scotland and borrowed the name from the mountain that is about 30 miles from Glasgow, in Scotland. In Scotland, "Ben" mean mountain and Lomond is from a word that means "beacon." so, Ben Lomond means "Mountain Beacon" and Ben Lomond Mountain would be "Mountain Beacon Mountain." This is a common problem in adapting names from other cultures.



USGS topographic maps:

Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS) Map Name
370752N 1213835W Big Basin

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