The following nearby state parks offer camping. Some campgrounds are only open seasonally, and all have varying amenities.

R.V. Campgrounds

Camping Supplies

Santa Cruz City Municipal Code

According to the Title 6, Chapter 36 of the city municipal code, camping is essentially illegal on any public ground, unless it is explicitly designated for camping or one has procured the proper paperwork for doing so. There are a variety of stipulations, which you can read about on the Muni code webpage, following the link above, if you are so inclined.

Oddly enough though, the code states that '"Any person who violates any section in this chapter is guilty of an infraction and shall be subject to a fine of not more than twenty dollars"', which is cheaper than cost of $35 for one night of camping at a regular campsite. However, given the SCPD reputation for trashing people's campsites and hassling people in general, it probably isn't worth the risk.

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