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There were four different Chinatown in Santa Cruz throughout the period, with the last one destroyed when the San Lorenzo River flooded the the downtown area in 1955.

External links: Chinatown's culture. Chinatown's economic development.


Chinatown plaque at the Galleria A plaque that marks the location of Santa Cruz's last Chinatown at the Galleria building on Front Street.


Books: Chinese Gold The Chinese in the Monterey Bay Region, by Sandy Lydon. Chinatown Dreams The Life and Photographs of George Lee, edited by Geoffrey Dunn.

Newspapers: - The oldest and largest English language newspaper serving the Asian/Pacific Islander American community.


Local Organizations


Museum Exhibit at the Museum of Art and History, February 23 - June 29, 2008, Ying: Inspired by the Art and History of China exhibit.

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