Location Address Phone Number Hours Website
Santa Cruz (Downtown) 350 Coral Street, Suite F, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5863 (800) 726-XFIT 6am-8pm http://www.crossfitwest.com
Santa Cruz (Westside) 207 McPherson Street, Suite B, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5863 (831) xxx-xxxx ? http://www.crossfitsantacruz.com
Central (Soquel) 2650 Research Park Drive, Soquel, CA 95073-2087 (831) 475-2518 ? http://www.crossfitsantacruzcentral.com
North Santa Cruz (Scotts Valley) 300 Technology Circle, Scotts Valley, CA 95066-3516 (831) 438-4388 ? http://www.crossfitnsc.com


Type of Cooperative
Membership Fees
Different memberships available.
(Date, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD)
Payment Method
Cash, check, credit card, other.

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program which uses highly varied, random functional movements performed at a high level of intensity.  CrossFit delivers a fitness program which is broad, general, and inclusive.  CrossFit is not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of ten recognized fitness domains.

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