A photo of the clock tower that looks over the Crown courtyard in front of the dining hall.

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Crown College was founded in 1967. It is known as a more academically focused college, as well as the science college.


With the college's emphasis on science, Crown students, nicknamed "Crownies," are often science majors. The college is known as one of the quieter colleges.

Crown has a higher than average proportion of Asian students.


Crown's student residence buildings reflect its science emphasis: Gauss House, Galen House, Rutherford House, Harvey and Maxwell Houses, Leonardo House, Galileo House, and Descartes House. Dining and food are available at the Crown/Merrill Dining Hall and Banana Joe's.


Crown shares a dining hall with Merrill College. It borders Colleges Nine and Ten.

Core Course

Crown's freshman core course, titled "Ethical Issues in Emerging Technology," deals with just that: how today's new technology should be looked at from a non-scientific, more social view.

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