2008 lineup


Alternative Rock
Band Members
Chris Foss (lead guitar)
Dave Roda (drums, vocals)
Don Roland (rhythm guitar, vocals)

Mott Jordan (bass, guitar, vocals)


past members:

David Harrah

Ken Stockett

Pat Golliher

Mark Sharp




Contact Info


The origin of Fainting Goats can be traced back to one fateful evening in a Juneau, AK karaoke bar circa mid 2003. It is here that future band members, executing near perfect El Debarge classics were suddenly vaporized and teleported to a small garage in laid back Santa Cruz CA. A gestation period began, orchestrated by towering Sophia Loren like beings on floating, stone surfboards. A series of dreams revolving around turbo charged pinto wagons, boy meets girl, and city sized sombreros in the sky introduced a catalyst.

Live Shows visit faintinggoats.net for performance schedule


  • Native Sounds of the Golden West - 2006
  • Cambria Pines - 2015

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