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Is your computer causing you grief? Stressed with deadlines and your system has crashed?

FixIt Santa Cruz is the premier computer repair business for Santa Cruz county. With a combined experience of over sixty years FixIt Santa Cruz can quickly come to your rescue. Our easy to talk to technicians can diagnose and repair any hardware or software related problems. Our technicians speak English not Geeklish. We can backup your valuable data, repair your internet connection, add a wireless network and more.

Is your computer slow? Let FixIt Santa Cruz speed it up for you. We can add memory and larger hard drives to your desktop or your laptop or netbook.

We are experts at virus removal as well as spyware and other malware removal.

Just getting started? We can build you a custom computer that will fit your needs exactly.

FixIt Santa Cruz can install, configure, update, and maintain your home network, your office network, and your home-office network.

Among our other offerings, we will install, update, and maintain your printers. We also offer the convenience of an ongoing secure remote control maintenance plan for you.

Need a website? Allow the FixIt Santa Cruz web team to design and implement your presence on the web.

FixIt Santa Cruz also has a staff of trainers on hand to train you in using your computer and your applications. We'll even train you in how to use your new Smart Phone.

Want to get started in Social Networking? FixIt Santa Cruz staff is well-versed in all aspects of Social Networking and Social Network marketing.

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