There have been many Post Offices in the history of Santa Cruz County.
In many cases, the exact former location is not known. The following Post Offices include those at railroad stops,
labor camps, and settlements.


Big Basin Post Office 1928-1957   Formally Redwood Park
Bonny Doon Post Office 1887-1930    
Camp McQuaide Post Office 1941-1949   (Not on the Army camp)
Chittenden Post Office 1893-1923    
Coast Post Office 1889-1905    
Corralitos Post Office 1861-1862 1876-1923 Closed and re-opened.
De Redwood Post Office 1879-1882    
Davenport Post Office* 1874-1889   At Davenport Landing.
*The Davenport Post Office at Davenport  was started in 1915.
East Santa Cruz 1950-1992 1620 Seabright Avenue Moved to 120 Morrissey Blvd.
East Santa Cruz 1992-2014 120 MORRISSEY BLVD. Moved to Soquel Avenue
Eccles Post Office 1878-1915   Physically moved to Olympia.
Gibbs Post Office 1900-1906 1907-1916 Closed and re-opened.
Glen Arbor Post Office 1914-1915    
Glenecho Post Office 1894-1897    
Glenwood Post Office 1880-1954    
Laurel Post Office 1882-1953    
Leonard Post Office Apr-Aug 1883    
Lorenzo Post office 1875-1887    
Loma Prieta Post Office 1884-1885 1887-1901 Closed and re-opened.
Lucas Post Office 1885-1886    
Morseville Post Office Apr-Aug 1880    
Olympia Post Office 1915-1942    
Opal Cliffs Post Office May-Nov 1948    
Redwood Park Post Office 1907-1928   Name changed to Big Basin.
Rocky Ridge Post Office 1875-1888    
Seabright Post Office** 1899-1905 538 Seabright Ave. (Settlement of Seabright)
Sea Side Post Office 1873-1881    
Skyland Post Office 1893-1910    
Swanton Post Office 1897-1930    
Valencia Post Office 1893-1909
2555 Valencia Road, Aptos, CA
Waddell Post Office 1890-1891    
Zayante Post Office 1916-1938 Latitude/Longitude:     
37.0918919 -122.0435734

**The Seabright Post Office listed above ended when the settlement of Seabright was made part of Santa Cruz in 1909.  In 1950, the East Santa Cruz Post Office was opened at 1620 Seabright Avenue. This location gave it the nickname "Seabright Post Office." The East Santa Cruz Post Office was relocated to 120 Morrissey Boulevard in 1992. In 2014 it was relocated to 1148 Soquel Avenue. However, the entrance in is the back, facing a parking lot on Seabright Avenue.

The East Santa Cruz Post Office on Morrissey became a supermarket in 2015.  The post office building at 1620 Seabright Avenue became Harts Fabric.  The building for the  Seabright Post Office listed above, (528 Seabright Avenue)  is now a restaurant (La Posta).

  Used As a Post Office 1893-1909. Now part of Valencia Park (Photo: 2012.).