With tuition and student fees rising, you deserve to get your money's worth. The following is a directory of the free or low-cost services available to UCSC students.

Discounts at Local Businesses

  • 99 Bottles gives a 10% discount on food when you show your UCSC ID.
  • Spokesman Bicycles provides a 10% discount upon presentation of UCSC ID. Does not apply to complete bikes.




Low Cost

  • You can buy condoms and safer sex supplies for cheap (2 condoms for 25 cents) at the Condom Co-op.


  • The Wellness Center is the campus gym and is included in UCSC student fees.
  • Physical Education classes offered through the regular Schedule of Classes cost far less than similar classes offered outside of school. Often the only costs are for equipment or texts. Classes include yoga, tae kwon do, swimming fencing, field/court sports, dancing, sailing, rowing, scuba diving and more.
  • The campus itself has a wealth of free recreational activities, including hiking, climbing Tree 9, spelunking in the Porter Caves or just exploring in general.


  • If you work on campus or receive financial aid, you can sign up for Direct Deposit of money into a checking or savings account.



  • Computer labs are scattered across the campus and offer Windows, Apple and Linux platforms. Some of the labs have specialty programs like Final Cut Pro or Dreamweaver. Additionally, Instruction Technology Services is currently Beta testing a virtual computer lab that allows UCSC affiliates to access programs available at the computer labs from their home computer.
  • Student Technology Workshops are offered throughout the quarter
  • All students, faculty and staff are eligible for free website hosting though the UCSC server.
  • The university has electronics disposal bins near several dumpsters on campus, thus eliminating the hassle of having to take old electronics to the recycling center.

Low Cost