There are Giant Hairy Spiders in Santa Cruz and Aptos. These are large sculptures that are approx. 4 - 5 feet tall each. They remind me of the Spiders of Mirkwood from The Hobbit.

One is located behind Cabrillo College, far down Porter Gulch Rd. Head north and stay on that road (there are several forks) deep into the redwood forest until it goes down to a one lane road. The spider is on the left at the base of a redwood tree. I don't know who put it there. I can only speculate it was a decoration, or a school play stage prop. If you know any information about who made it, please add your comments to this page. 


The other giant spider is located at the top of Western Dr. near the intersection of Moore Creek Rd. in Santa Cruz, near UCSC. It is in the front yard of a residential house at 1140 Western Dr. This one is definitely a professionally designed Halloween prop, since it has a steel armature, plastic joints, and a rubber latex skin.