Trance, Acapella, Freestyle
Instrument(s) Played
Vocals, Drums, Piano, Guitar
Contact Info
[email protected]


Glenn Smith has performed for audiences at theatrical performances, dance jams, clubs, cafes, yoga classes, raves, art openings, and schools since the 1990's. Glenn also leads participatory vocal circles for the community (with his Vocal Voyagers program, held at various locations, including The Live Oak Grange, Santa Cruz Yoga Center, The Hide Gallery, and the Pacific Cultural Center) and at schools (with his Instant Choir program). Starting on drumset as a teen, Glenn has added piano, guitar and other instruments to the mix. Voice has also emerged as a primary instrument because of it's flexibility and simplicity, especially in group settings. Glenn's CD's showcase the range of his work, including acapella improvisations, layered compositions on multiple instruments, acoustic songwriting work, and live group improvisations.   Glenn aims to create containers for creative expression in community.   

Past Shows

Some venues Glenn has played in the Santa Cruz area:  

The 418 Project (for special events, contact improvisation jams, for the Community Massage Project, and for theatrical performances including the My American Dream Show 2008)

Cafe Asana (regular solo performances, with guests)

Earthdance Festival - Los Gatos

Y2K Loop Festival (2006-2009) at the  Pearl Alley Bistro -


  • Campfire Choir (2019)
  • Burning Alive (2015)
  • Constellating Novas (2014)
  • Sleepytime Serenades (2012)
  • Fly (2007)
  • Voices 5 (2006)
  • Voices 4 (2006)
  • Voices (2005)
  • Dances & Trances (2005)
  • Blue Lake Glenn Smith & Les Shiaman (2005)
  • Journeys (2005)
  • Night (2004)
  • May Flowers (2004)
  • April Showers (2004)
  • Winter Warming (2004)
  • Heart Melts Mask (2003)
  • Piano (2002)

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