Green Valley Road crossing Green Valley Creek near Litchfield Road. Green Valley Creek. February, 2010.

Green Valley Creek drains an area of about seven square miles. It follows along Green Valley Road and joins Casserly Creek. On a yearly average, Green Valley Creek has between 1-5 cubic feet per second water flow. The water flow meter in Green Valley Creek was removed in 1967. It is still monitored on a regular bases. (There are also other monitoring stations downstream.)

History Green Valley Creek is named from the valley it flows through. On older maps, it has been listed as Green Creek or Greens Creek.

There are several streams with the name of Green Valley Creek in California. There is a Green Valley Creek in Contra Costa County,San Luis Obispo County, and Sonoma County.


Farms and residential only along Green Valley Creek. It sometimes marks part of the boundary of the farms.


Green Valley Road travels along Green Valley Creek. Bus route 75 goes to part of the area.


Green Valley Creek is not on a lot of maps. The USGS map for the region does not show it.

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