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Mission Statement
The Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In is an outdoor movie theater
under the stars that springs up unexpectedly in the fields
and industrial wastelands. Beyond showing great free movies
year-round and bringing a broad community together, part
of their mission is to reclaim public space and transform our
urban environment into a joyful playground.
- see the web site
Every other Friday at 8 PM, location vary.
See schedule for dates, location, and featured movie.
[email protected]

Always Free!!!

Bring your family & friends, blankets, pillows, anything you need to be comfortable in the great outdoors, drinks, snacks, and anything to share.

Even though it is called a "drive-in", you can't actually drive in to the movie presentation site.  You'll have to park your automobile nearby and walk in, or just take public transportation or ride a bicycle to the site.  Donations to support the project are more than welcome.

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