Pacific Avenue
Notable Dates
October 31

Pacific Avenue is closed to cars from 10 a.m. Oct. 31 to 10 a.m. Nov. 1 from Water Street to Laurel Street. A few side streets are also closed to traffic at this time. Front Street at Soquel Avenue is off limits to traffic. The area is fenced-off to vehicles.  This is for the Halloween excitement.

There are actually two celebrations of Halloween on Pacific Avenue.  During the daytime, children with parents are encouraged to come to Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz to gather treats from some of the businesses.

During the night, the street is filled with a crowd of adults in costume. The city has extra police on Pacific Avenue that night, provide extra lights on every block,, has the street blocked from traffic, fire fighters and paramedics are on some side streets, and has an ambulance standing by. The evening Halloween mob revelry is not endorsed by the city. The actions by the city are for safety.  In the past there have been knife attacks, fights, vandalism, and  public intoxication. On Halloween of 2009, sixty-four people were arrested on Pacific Avenue during the night. Fines for infractions are increased during Halloween.

Depending on the weather, there can be a mob of 5,000 and more on Pacific Avenue on Halloween.  In 2007 the estimates were up to 15,000 people on Pacific Avenue that night.

Crowded crowd. People often play music and dance, like these stilt-walkers. Strolling in the street early evening.
Ambulance standing by on Front Street. Generator for extra lights on right.


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