418 Front Street, Santa Cruz, Ca, 95060
(At The 418 Project)
Mon-Thurs 11am to 10pm
Fri-Sat 11am to 12pm
Sunday Closed
(831) 325-3633. Best to order on-line or in restaurant.
India Joze on Facebook
Online Ordering
Jozseph Schultz
Price range
Appetizers: $3-$8. Entrees: $6 - $16. Beverages: $2-$3.
Payment Methods
CASH Only.

India Joze opened back up again in 2010, in the lobby location at the The 418 Project. It is still operated by the local chef, caterer, and culinary educator, Jozseph Schultz, and he holds a number of themed dinners and culinary events there now, including the revived Calamari Festival.

Former businesses in this Front Street location include the Jumping Monkey Cafe.

Former Location
1001 Center Street, Santa Cruz, Ca, 95060
(At the Santa Cruz Art Center)
Former Owners
Jozseph Schultz
Business Lifespan
? to 1999

The previous India Joze location offered Asian fusion cuisine and played host to the Squid Festival. It was located in the Santa Cruz Art Center and chef Jozseph Schultz owned and operated it.

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2010-07-31 14:21:45   Unbelievably good! Flavorful, fun and fresh!

2011-06-10 15:45:04   Unique, authentic and reasonably priced. Santa Cruz has few authentic "ethnic" restaurants (mostly Americanized versions of other culture's foods). India Joze is AMAZING in both the authenticity (with a few creative twists) and the range of cultues they reach (Indian, South-East Asian, Middle Eastern and more)! Great daily specials and excellent on-line ordering options. The only restaurant I know of that offers stainless-steel "Tiffins" for to-go options. Great and very unique, in so many ways. Check out their website (Facebook specials, too). —