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Interlaken is a Census Designated Place. Meaning, it is not a town, but an area outside of a town. In Santa Cruz County it is considered a neighborhood outside of Watsonville. The ZIP code is 95076. Watsonville and Interlaken are served by the same Post Office. Mail for Interlaken is addressed "Watsonville." Interlaken has a total area of 10.2 square miles. There is 9.7 square miles of land and 0.6 square miles of water. There were 1,684 households as of the 2000 census.


Interlaken gets the name from the Latin phrase meaning "between the lakes" (inter lacus). It is located between Pinto Lake County Park in the west and Lake Tynan in the east. Interlaken shares the name with towns in New York, New Jersey, and Switzerland.


The area is mostly residential and some farms. There are a few shops in the area, and more in nearby Watsonville.


Bus route 79 covers parts of the Interlaken area. HIghway 152 goes through Interlaken.


:Pop-up map of Interlaken and surrounding area.

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