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Jermain Chavez Gonzalez aka JERMZ was born in Watsonville California on May 4th 1981. Family migrated from Mexico in the 70's and struggled to live in one of the most gang active neighborhoods in the city. JERMZ started out as a cartoon artist, then began to dabble with graffiti and break dancing. Boxing was a family ritual, as it was for many poor Mexican families, but for JERMZ, boxing was religious. Wrote first rap in 1995 as a "throw away" project but quickly fell in love with the work of production. Writing rhymes became an everyday hobby because self expression is JERMZ passion. Began to battle rap and eliminate the competition at hand. Started a Rap group in 2000 by the name of THE WARLORDZ (which included Almighty Aziz, Sincere, Scorpio, Ghambitt, UK assassin, Chief). Was Co-founder of Tag Crew R.B.S (Real Bud Smokerz). Began to produce and create his own beats In 2001. Since 1995 to 2009, JERMZ has written at the most 500 songs (solo + features) , produced at the most 300 beats, and jump started many careers in central California. JERMZ style of Rap is underground, hardcore, bone crunching, and lyrical. Songs like "20 years of Tearz", "Devil Made Me Do It", "Horney Perro", "Journeyman", "Flip It", and Spanish bangers like "Pasen El Pisto" are a few of many JERMZ classics. 2010, JERMZ is now head of local up coming label by the name of RAWDICULOUS ENT. which consists of instrumental production, vocal writing, vocal recording, toon animation, and all kinds of art related hip hop projects. Artists in his team is Boy, Lil Dusty, Clipz, dj SUBLIMINALS, Darwin, Lee Earl, Exit won, Bombstress and D Lo.

UPDATE:Jermz is currently working on his first animated cartoon and also his first independent movie (2013)

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  • "Jermz" (CD)
  • "SKILLZ 99.9% of JERMZ" (CD)
  • "EL FRIJOLERO/spanish
  • "G.T.A Grand Theft Audio (CD)

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