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Jozseph Schultz is a local chef and caterer who teaches cooking classes and leads culinary tours. He owned and operated the restaurant India Joze for over 25 years. 

Taught at Cabrillo College in the Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management Program from 2000 until 2008.
Recently co-taught "Food Matters", a class in culinary anthropology at University of California, Santa Cruz.
Lecturer in the forefront of the traditional/ethnic food movement, bringing historical, scientific and practical perspectives to issues of food and farming, cooking and dining.

Selected lectures:
Smithsonian Institute “Seeds of Change” Symposium: Impact of Unusual Greens on Modern Cuisine 3/94 Washington DC
Smith-Chapman Memorial Lecture Series, University of California Santa Cruz: Culture and Cuisine 4/97
Santa Cruz Natural History Museum Lecture Series: “Consuming Culture” 2/97
California Rare Fruit Grower's Annual Conference 2002, Santa Barbara

Chef and founder of 250 seat India Joze Restaurant, Santa Cruz, California, in operation from 1972 to 1998.
Long before "ethnic cooking" was an industry buzzword, award-winning India Joze Restaurant unfolded the cuisines of Eurasia with its own special slant. Schultz developed cooking styles that met the need for speed and flexibility with fresh ingredients. From the lavish spicinesses of ancient Rome to the pastries of Austria and France, from the aromatic splendors of regal Java, Bali and Thailand curries, to the fragrant lightness of Mediterranean cuisine, Joze was a pioneer in high intensity world-ranging cooking. Everything in the restaurant was made from scratch, from drinks to relishes to desserts. The eclectic menu was matched by a diversity of service styles, from elaborate dinner fine dining, to performance event food parades, to cafe service to special events for hundreds of people.
The recipient of numerous local and regional awards, Joze was voted number one restaurant in Santa Cruz in a reader’s poll in San Francisco’s PBS magazine Focus in 1995 and had been voted in the top three for the previous six years.
India Joze hosted the original International Calamari Festival for seventeen years, as well as the Chickpea Festival and Mushroom Festival for nine and five years respectively. India Joze is famous for special culinary events, including Persian New Year Celebration, Deem Sum food parades and classes in the many cuisines they are famous for.  Jozseph was CEO of India Joze Incorporated for twenty-five years.

Calamari Cookbook, Celestial Arts/Ten Speed Press, ©1980
Chickpea Cookbook, India Joze Publishing, ©1988
Mushroom Cookbook, India Joze Publishing, ©1992

Classes (Selected):
Bali Travel/Culinary Study Tour Leader '2001
Indian Cooking
Calamari Cooking
Persian Cooking
Asian Vegan Cooking
Mushroom Cooking
Indian, Chinese Cooking for Elementary and Middle Schoolers
Thai Cooking

Profiles and Articles about Schultz and India Joze:
New York Times 8/8/90
Washington Post LA Times 12/1/96
SF magazine 8/91
SF Focus magazine 8/91, 8/92, 8/93, 8/94, 8/95
San Jose Mercury West Magazine 3/7/82
San Jose Mercury 10/25/89
Numerous local Santa Cruz publications

Food Performances (Selected):
West Eats East: Dance, Multimedia food performance 10/80 Golden Gate Bridge Gala: “Popcorn Madness” 11/90 Gilroy Garlic Festivals Celebrity Chef: Garlic Cooking 7/’94, ‘95, ‘96 Santa Cruz City Museum Mushroom Festival: “Cooking Exotic Fungi” 1/’95-2003

TV Appearances (Selected):
Linda Danno Show, Lifetime Cable, New York 5/88
Culinary Odes: Neruda Poems & Gastronomic Illustrations SC Community Access 4/97
Chilis 11/9/97 KSAR Saratoga
Garlic Festival Spots 6/95 KSBW Salinas
Calamari Consciousness: Book Tour LA ABC TV, Seattle TV 9/83

Travel and culinary study :
China, Burma, Hong Kong, Japan, Panama, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, England, Netherlands,Germany, Spain, Morocco, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece,Turkey, Israel, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Panama

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