Lisa at her wedding reception, dancing with her father. Photo March 2010.

Lisa Leuschner
Gospel, R&B, Jazz
Instrument(s) Played

Description of Work

Her musical efforts to date include: American Christmas - Audio CD (September 7, 1993) Sing Me Home - Audio CD (Dec. 21, 2004) Reality - Audio CD (May 15, 2007)

Lisa Leuschner was the first Santa Cruz County local to be accepted on the television show American Idol. Lisa was rejected for the season two audition. The audition is often re-shown because Simon Cowell told her to "lose weight." Lisa auditioned again for season 3. She was accepted, weighing the same as she did before. The show listed her hometown as Watsonville.

When Lisa was on the show, many of her friends would call in to vote. (Some bragged of calling in and voting several times. Not realizing that duplicate calls from the same number cancel out their votes.) The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story on the front page about Lisa being on American Idol.

Lisa did not win, but she did go on to record a CD with Succession Records. In March of 2010, Lisa married Chris Andersen.

Other Santa Cruzans to make it far on American Idol include James Durbin.

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