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2880 Research Park Drive , Suite 160, Soquel, CA  95073-2018

Rides provided between 6 am - 10:30 pm daily.

No service on: New Year's, Thanksgiving, & Christmas Days.

(831) 425-4664

Payment Method
Cash or prepaid ParaCruz tickets

The Metro Paracruz is the Santa Cruz County public transit system specifically for people with physical, mental or cognitive impairments. Though the regular bus routes provide wheelchair restraints, ramps and lifts, not all bus stops are wheelchair accessible, and some riders need help or supports that the regular buses do not provide. Therefore, this additional service is provided in order to comply with ADA regulations.


Riders must be assessed for eligibility to use the service by attending an appointment with a ParaCruz representative. Conditions which would make you eligible for ParaCruz usage include using a mobility device that is too large or heavy to be accommodated on a regular bus or that you have any impairment that prevents you from riding, boarding or deboarding a regular bus safely. You can make an appointment to assess your eligibility by calling the phone number above.  Pick-ups and drop-offs are done door to door, and must be within 3/4 of a mile of a Metro bus route.


Fare for each one-way ride is $4, and stops are arranged ahead of time via phone.  A personal attendant is included in the cost of the fare and the reservation.  Additional guests are welcome (and should be noted when making a reservation), but must pay the $4 fare.


Reservations for a ride can be made everyday between 8am and 5pm, and must be made one to three days prior to your ride. Riders can also use a "subscription plan" for rides that are needed consistently on certain weekdays at certain times, such as to attend work or classes.


ParaCruz uses a fleet of several white minivans with SCMTD ParaCruz decals on the side. They are all accommodated with wheelchair lifts and restraints.

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