Although posted with NO OUTLET, Dominican Way joins Mission Drive and leads to Dominican Hospital and several exits to Soquel Drive.

This page is for Mission DRIVE. A mostly residential street near Dominican Hospital. For the busy commercial street that is part of Cabrillo Highway see Mission STREET. Although Mission Drive is in ZIP code 95065 and has a Santa Cruz address, maps prefer to call the area "Live Oak, CA."

Mission Drive starts at Commercial Way, goes North across Soquel Drive and ends at Monte Vista Court. Mission Drive is often used as an alternative exit from the medical offices along Dominican Way. Mission Drive SOUTH of Soquel Drive goes between businesses that have an address on either Commercial Way or Soquel Drive. Mission Drive NORTH of Soquel Drive is mostly residential. Mission Drive is about one-half mile long.

Mission Drive has two signs that say, "NO OUTLET." The first is at the corner of Soquel Drive and Mission Drive. The second is just after Dominican Way.


No bike lanes. Road is level except towards the end. Traffic is usually light.

Public Transportation

Bus stops are on Soquel Drive.


Commercial Way @ Mission Drive Soquel Drive @ Mission Drive Dominican Way @ Mission Drive

Businesses & Services

Many on Soquel Drive. Rabobank at the corner of Mission Drive and Soquel Drive. It has an ATM.

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