There are over 60 mobile home parks in Santa Cruz County.

To be fair, the preferred term is "manufactured homes." Although the homes were put in on a trailer (which is usually still under the home), the homes are not truly mobile. They have gas, water, power and sewer hook-up and if double-wide the two trailers are molded together.  Once it is in place, the steps, skirting, porch, and overhangs add to make it a feat of engineering to move it.  Also, where to move a mobile home is always a problem. Most parks have no room to add another home, and have requirements on homes that they do allow. Most communities have rules about where a mobile home can be used.

Prices for a mobile homes seem more reasonable than a house. But buying a mobile home is not uncomplicated.  The price is for the building.  The LAND the building is on, is still owned by the park. The owner of a mobile home also pays rent to the park for being on the land.  Since it is not easy to move a mobile home, and homes with expensive rent are not easy to sell, the tenants are in a difficult situation if the rent goes up too high.  That is why Santa Cruz County has rules about mobile home rents and how fast and how much they can rise.  Problem is, should there be a rent increase the tenant believes unfair, it is a civil suite. The resolution is made between lawyers in a court of law or by arbitration. Arbitration can sometimes be done with the Housing & Community Development    Mobilehome Ombudsman Office.

Since the home-owners do not own the land, the park owners  make the rules. This includes requirements for the people that attempt to buy a home in the park.  The park owners have final say who can live in the park.  Technically, according to county law, "Approval shall not be withheld if the purchaser has the financial ability to pay the rent and charges of the park unless the management reasonably determines that, based on the purchaser’s prior tenancies, he will not comply with the rules and regulations of the park." [County code: 13.32.072 Prior approval of purchaser.] Other rules include how many cars you can have on the property, how long a guest can stay, and if pets are allowed. The park supervisors gets to approve sub-renters, types and sizes of pets, and how late a guest's car can be in the park. While some parks do not allow pets, those that do allow pets all specify "upon approval."

When looking for a mobile home, remember that some parks have restrictions on age of tenants.
The following parks have minimum age requirements of tenants :

Aptos Knolls 600 Trout Gulch Aptos 55+
Montevalle 552 Bean Creek Rd., Scotts Valley 55/45+
Shangri-La 1040 38th Ave. Santa Cruz 55+
Loma Vista 4425 Clares St. Capitola 55+
Surf & Sand 750 47th Ave. Capitola 55+
Rodeo Estates 100 N. Rodeo Gulch Soquel 55+
Soquel Glenn 5300 Soquel Dr. Soquel 55+
Ocean View 21 Windemere Ln Aptos 55+
Fall Creek 6831 Highway 9 Felton 55+
Smithwoods Kelldon Dr. Felton 55+
Colonial Manor 525 Airport Blvd. Watsonville 55+
Monterey Vista 144 Holm Rd. Watsonville 55+
Antonelli 2655 Brommer Ave Santa Cruz 55+
Homestead 2355 Brommer St. Santa Cruz 55+
Sorrento Oaks 800 Brommer St. Santa Cruz 55+
Tradewinds 4160 Jade St. Capitola 55+
Cliffwood Heights 3200 Cliffwood Dr. Soquel 55+
Seacliff 2700 Mar Vista Dr. Aptos 55+
Spring Lakes 225 Mt. Hermon Rd. Scotts Valley 55+
Rancho Corralitos 270 Hames Rd. Corralitos 55+

The Santa Cruz Commission on Mobile Homes has a complete listing of all mobile home parks in the county. The list is updated occasionally, but not all of the contact information is current.

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