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Morrissey Blvd. is known for the tall palm trees south of the freeway. Morrissey Boulevard Runs North from Soquel Avenue to Prospect Heights. Morrissey Boulevard south of Highway 1 is within the ZIP code of 95062. North and east of Highway 1, Morrissey Boulevard enters ZIP code 95065. Some on-line maps need the correct ZIP code to show an accurate address location. 2. South Morrissey Avenue Runs North from Gault Street to Soquel Avenue. (Across Soquel Avenue, it becomes Morrissey Boulevard.) South Morrissey Avenue is entirely within the ZIP code of 95062.


 Bike lanes on Morrissey Boulevard and over the bridge across Highway 1. Then the lines end. . Bike lanes all along South Morrissey Avenue.

Public Transportation

Route 9 goes along all of Morrissey Boulevard. . There is no bus route on South Morrissey Avenue. Route 77 and 9 both pass nearby on Soquel Avenue.


The Grocery Outlet on Morrissey Boulevard was once a Post Office.  It was the first Post Office in the county to have the Automated Postal Center®. Before that it was a Liquor Barn, and before that a Lucky Supermarket.

Major Intersections

The intersection of Morrissey Boulevard, South Morrissey Avenue, Soquel Avenue and Water Street has acquired a few nick-names due to the odd traffic pattern and busy traffic.


Named for Patrick Morrissey, a paper maker, who owned land in the area in the 1880's. It was once called Morrissey Avenue. It became Morrissey Boulevard when they widened the road.


 :MSN map of Morrissey Blvd. 2. :MSN map of South Morrissey Avenue.

Restaurants and Shopping

 Morrissey Boulevard is residential until it joins Soquel Avenue. Safeway,Grocery Outlet. and U.S. Bank are on Morrissey Boulevard. South Morrissey Avenue is all residential. There are businesses at the corners of Soquel Avenue and South Morrissey Avenue, but the addresses are on Soquel Avenue.



Services are on Soquel Avenue and Water Street.

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