Mount Hermon is a combination residential area and Christian conference ground. It is situated in a redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains just east of Felton. Its ZIP code is 95041 and it is considered a A census-designated place (CDP) by the Census Bureau. Not to be confused with the road by the same name that does not lead to Mount Hermon, but does border the area. 


Mount Hermon was started in 1905 by three Presbyterian ministers and a layman. One of the reasons for selecting the site, is the proximity of the railroad (at that time). The land was formerly part of a rancho owned by Isaac Graham. Mount Hermon got a post office in 1908. Mount Hermon is named for the place in Palestine where Jesus went apart from his disciples.


The Mount Hermon BookstoreWith the exception of the Conference Center, this area is residential. The Conference Center has a bookstore, conference facilities, "the Fountain" (a snack bar), and a post office.


Directly, only by car. Bus route 33 and 34 travel closest to the area. Felton Fair is a nearby bus center. During the summer, conference center guests can make arrangements with the guest services to take a roaring camp train from on a scenic ride to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.


The Mount Hermon Community is a community group that serves the owners and residents of the over 450 homes at Mount Hermon. It works with the Mount Hermon Association to along with renters, home owners and, staff-residents to provide a safe, secure, and friendly living environment. The Mount Hermon Community does this by sponsoring meeting and community activities throughout the year. 

Mount Hermon Christian Camps

Mount Hermon Christian Camps is a non-denominational Christian organization that provides camping and conference center services to groups, families, and individuals of all ages year-round through concerts, camps, programs, and facility rentals, reaching over 60,000 people a year. While they do work with secular groups, they are primarily a Christian organization with the general mission statement of "Encountering Jesus- Lives Transformed"-- often shortened to "Lives Transformed." Mount Hermon is a member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) as well as the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).  The Mount Hermon Association owns and operates five self-contained conference/camping sites, three are located in the Santa Cruz area.

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