Mount Hermon Conference Center's Main Auditorium


Mount Hermon Christian Camps is owned and operated by The Mount Hermon Association, a interdenominational, evangelical Christian organization that provides camping and conference center services to groups, families, and individuals year-around through concerts, camps and programs, facility rentals. They reach over 60,000 people a year. While they do work with secular groups, they are primarily a Christian organization with the general mission statement of "Lives Transformed." Mount Hermon is a member of the Christian Camps and Conference Association (CCCA) as well as the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).  


Mount Hermon Adventures

Mount Hermon Adventures includes multiple high ropes courses, climbing walls, redwood zipline tours, ocean activities such as surfing and kayaking, and extreme trail biking as well as facilitating team building on these courses. The majority of the programs are facilitated at the Conference Center.

Velocity Bike Park

Mount Hermon Adventures is currently developing a bike park called Velocity Bike Park. While no official date had been released, it is rumored to begin basic programs the summer of 2015.


The Mount Hermon Association owns and operates five self-contained conference/camping sites, three are located in the Santa Cruz area.

Conference Center

The Conference Center is home to many different programs throughout the year. With a capacity of over 700 people, various groups use the conference center throughout the year. During the summer the conference center is largely used for Mount Hermon Family Camp and other Mount Hermon organized activities, but other groups and programs use the facility as well. Conference Center guest has easy access to Mount Hermon Adventures' facilities, a gymnasium for volleyball and basketball and a large play field. The conference center also has its own, dedicated pool. The Conference Center has a large dining area, a bookstore, the fountain (serving snack and Marianne's Ice Cream, a Santa Cruz favorite), a many meeting rooms of various sizes to accommodate different sized guest groups.

Redwood Camp

The Entrance to Redwood Camp

Redwood Camp is capable of housing roughly 200 people and is available for guest groups to rent throughout the year. During the summer it is transformed by Mount Hermon's Children's Ministries into a week-long overnight camp for elementary-school age children. Redwood Camp has its own "high adventure" elements that include a "the geronimo swing", the "flying squirrel," a cargo net, and a zipline. In addition the a basketball court and gaga ball pit, Redwood Camp also has a dedicated pool.  

Out of respect to guest groups and state law, Redwood Camp is a "closed camp," meaning people who are not Redwood Camp guests or staff are prohibited from being at this site without permission from the Mount Hermon Association. 

Ponderosa Lodge

A night-time view of the Ponderosa Lodge from the Form looking out over the Ponderosa Pool

Ponderosa Lodge is used throughout the year by Mount Hermon's Outdoor Science Program that runs both secular and Christian science camps for public and private schools. During certain times it is also available to guest groups to rent. During the summer, Mount Hermon's Youth and Young Adult's Program takes over Ponderosa Lodge to run a Junior-high and High School Camp at this facility. Ponderosa Lodge has many activities available, including a dedicated pool with a"high dive." 

In observance of California State Law non-camp guest and personnel are prohibited from entering Ponderosa Lodge without permission from the Mount Hermon Association.Add a caption

Non-Santa Cruz Camps

The Mount Hermon Association also owns and operates Kidder Creek, a rustic camp in Northern California near Etna, Ca, as well as Whisper Canyon, a campground in Monterey County.

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