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Yosemite Wedding Photographers
Nathaniel Vigeant
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Nathaniel Vigeant, freelance photojournalist and wedding professional, works throughout Northern California and the United States. As a photographer he specializes in capturing his clients in their natural element, bringing elements of their personality to life on film. Serving clients from Martha's Vineyard to Lake Tahoe he will travel to your destination and capture your event. Nathaniel Vigeant also enjoys shooting California landscapes and events in special places like Yosemite National Park. Call today to book your engagement or event.


  • [Davis:"Weddings"] — Contact me to work out the details of your wedding, flexible rates and payment plans are available
  • Videography also available via a partnership with Sanchez Sights and Sound.
  • Groups, Family portraits, pets, and senior photo packages begin at $150.00
  • Hourly — $250.00

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