This page is about the Lagoon. If you are looking for the city park and greenbelt, see Neary Lagoon Park. The Depot Park side of Neary Lagoon

Main Neary Lagoon Park entrance near the intersection of California Street and Bay Street
Pedestrian/bike accessible from the south end of Chestnut Street
Pedestrian accessible from the south end of Blackburn Street
Also pedestrian accessible across the railroad tracks from Depot Park
Or at the Private Viewing Pier at Shelter Lagoon Apartments
A drainage area of 850 acres empties into the lagoon
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Neary Lagoon
Interpretive signs
Floating boardwalk for wildlife viewing
[Neary Lagoon Wetland Walks from the Museum of Natural History

The Neary Lagoon is located in the middle of Santa Cruz- an unlikely place for a wetland habitat! The habitat is designed to preserve this wetland area, as well as enhance viewing of local wetland ecosystems and animals.

The Lagoon is paired with Neary Lagoon Park, a city park featuring play structures and paved footpaths.

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