Afro-beat, Funk, Roots Music
Band Members
Molly Higbie ~* (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Deb Lane ~* (drums)
Brindle *~ (djembes)
Afia Walking Tree ~* (african percussion)
Annie Steinhardt ~* (bass & fiddle)
Jayn Pettingill ~* (sax)
Shelley Doty ~* (guitar)
Dana Hutson ~* (lead vocals)
Contact Info
[email protected]


Live Shows


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2011-07-18 11:28:33   This listing above is NOT the original formation of this great band. Missing are Michelle Landegger on lead guitar, Elaine Beggelman on sax, Tina Hawley on bass and Christiana Baldus on keyboards and drums. I loved her a lot - really cute girl - too bad they are no longer performing - but I still really like to listen and dance to their first CD. Long live Pele Power!!!!

Sid, an old fan from San Fransisco —