The entrance to Porter College is framed by trees.


Porter College is the fifth residential college, founded in 1969 and formally dedicated on 21 November 1981. Its motto, Ars Longa, Vita Brevis, means "Life is short, art endures."


Porter's theme is art, and it is known as the hippie, artsy college. It is also noted for being liberal and LGBT-friendly. The Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery and the Porter College Faculty Gallery exhibit contemporary artwork from international and local talents.


Students gather outside Porter housing.



The Porter Squiggle As a college with an emphasis on art, Porter is known as one of the more attractive-looking colleges. It features student-created murals and the Porter Totem Pole, in addition to the "Wave" (also known as the Porter Squiggle), a piece of abstract sculpture featured on the Porter campus and overlooking the Pacific.


Porter is located on the lower west side of the campus, south of Kresge College and north of College Eight.

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