Raymond Street extends from Beach Street to 3rd StreetLeibrandt Avenue crosses Raymond Street near the middle.

Traffic on Raymound Street is one way going NORTH from Leibrandt Avenue and one way going SOUTH from Leibrandt Avenue.  There are many one-way streets near the beach area in Santa Cruz.

Typical of residential streets near the beach, parking is restricted.

View of Raymond Street from 3rd Street. Street has restricted parking for residents only. Photo: May, 2010


No bike lanes, and the street is narrow but level. Not a good ride for cyclists, especially in summer.

Public Transportation

Route 7 passes Raymond Street on Beach Street and has a bus stop at 3rd Street and Raymond Street.


The family of August and Dorathea Uhden included Kaye, Raymond, Holden and Lorenz. Raymond Street may be named for Raymond Uhden. It is also possible that Raymond Street is named for Mrs. Isabell Raymond, a poet and writer.

Major Intersections

Raymond St can only be entered from Lebrandt St.3rd Street, Leibrandt Avenue, and Beach Street

Restaurants and Shopping

The street is residential.

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: Google map showing Raymond Street.

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