Mission Statement
The Resource Center for Nonviolence (RCNV) is a peace and social justice organization dedicated to promoting the principles of nonviolent social change and enhancing the quality of life and human dignity.
612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA  95060
Monday through Thursday 12pm to 4pm
(831) 423-1626
Anita Heckman - Administration/Graphic Designer
Peter Klotz-Chamberlin - Practice Nonviolence Program
Sarah Durant Smith - Project ReGeneration Coordinator
Drew Glover - Volunteer Coordinator
The organization was co-founded by Scott Kennedy and Peter Klotz-Chamberlin.
Tax ID
non-profit 501 (c) 3

The Resource Center for Nonviolence  promotes the practice of nonviolence in personal and social change to create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. The Center provides resources for critical reflection, constructive action and leadership development. The Resource Center is a community center, public forum, and training center for diverse groups and individuals to address social problems by life-affirming, nonviolent means.

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