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The Santa Cruz Derby Girls (SCRG) is the first all-female flat-track roller derby league in Santa Cruz and was originally established as the Santa Cruz Roller Girls in 2007 by a small group of like-minded women who had a dream to bring the sport and art of roller derby to Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz Derby Girls is owned and operated by the women who skate. Behind the scenes, skaters practice three to four times a week at the Santa Cruz Roller Palladium and the Scotts Valley Sports Center. Skaters also do off-skates cross-training, and all members participate in the operation and business of the league. All of this is in preparation for our highly anticipated first season that will consist of approximately 8 games from Spring to Fall. Originally, individual SCRG teams included: Beach Flat Betties, Fistful of Dollies, and The Lost Girls. Members of the Rollergirls included: Roxy Scarmichael, Heather Headlockleer, Sammy Slugher, LuLu Lockjaw, Alison Chainsaw, Robin YoLife, Brawley Parton, Pippi Hard Socking, Eden Yourheartout, Kicken Red Vixen, Rollita, Charlie Red Stick, Anka Steam, Babs Bomber, Cleopatra Catastrophe, Tall Can 40 oz., Sheila Princess of Power, Raven Von Kaos, Shady Suspect, Secret, Inertia, The V-Gun, Sugar Crash, Yoko Oh No!, Vicious Bootylicious, Double Fister, Dane T. Flour, CATTIVA, Sally Tosser, Pop Psycho, Shamrock N. Roller, Dr. Rocket, May B. Crazy, and Malicious Monica. Serving as ref was Turbo Glennbo.

Currently, the Santa Cruz Derby Girls comprise teams named Seabright Sirens, Boardwalk Bombshells, Skater Squad, Harbor Hellcats,  and Santa Cruz Derby Groms.

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